Here to help make your milestones memorable

I have been fortunate to have walked, danced and climbed through an amazing life (so far) learning about the world, other people and myself. Being a celebrant is simply the natural progression of my genuine interest in people.  From as far back as I can remember I loved stories, language, writing, and public speaking. My first career choice was Physiotherapy as I knew I had to have a job working with people in a collaborative way.

I have gone on to study Philosophy, Ethics and Te Reo Maori. All have opened my mind to different ways of looking at things, as has travel. Huddled in a very crude outpost on the Bhutan-China border the rugged, stern soldier I sat with briefly just wanted to be warm, to laugh and most of all to get home to his wife and family. Love, laughter and family life is universal.

For a significant wedding anniversary my husband and I climbed Mt Aspiring – which was probably more of a lesson in how much we trust each other than anything else. On that note I have been happily married for more years than I care to count… to an engineer, so while there is not much traditional¬† romance in this household, we have shared many fantastic adventures, some tough challenges and have talked, listened, and laughed through all those mundane moments marriage also entails.

To balance myself and keep me fresh as a celebrant I love spending time with my family, gardening, walking, planning the next climbing trip, practising yoga and always…¬†learning.

I am open to all people, whatever their culture, situation and/or beliefs. I am organised yet adaptable and innovative, have a youthful outlook, and am warm, friendly and sincere.

Wendy Barton Mt Aspiring